Nax Capital Talks About Money

Nax Capital is completely aware that most of us value a person by how much he/she earns for a living. Well… That is a sad fact. “This guy has more value than him mainly because he is a famous actor and the other is a janitor” is the most common thing that comes into our minds when tackling about this matter. Is money really capable of doing that? How?

Having lots and lots of money is the experience that we all want to have. Imagine what you can do with it. You can buy anything you want, go to faraway places and be with very awesome people. Basically, you can create your own world with you being the center. Now, who wouldn’t want that!

But as we travel along memory lane, the history of money-rich people has many ups and downs. Most of them first went through the “UP” and, after dangling themselves for a period of time, they came tumbling “DOWN” really hard. Why o why is this happening? Any ideas?

Nax Capital explains that “Having the money” is different with “Controlling the money”. Wild spenders lost their richness almost instantly. No matter how big your bank account is, if you look at them as nothing but a piece of paper used for spending. Then, all of it will go away without you even knowing it. But if you look at your money as “had earned” and that it needs to be used properly by controlling it, it is only then that you realize the real value of having that kind of fortune.

We don’t need to name names here just to show the credibility of the statement mentioned above. Just have a little experiment for yourself. Imagine you have a bill of money at hand. That bill is just enough to buy you your favorite ice cream at a store down the street. The question now is, will you go for it? Or wait until you have 2 pieces of bills instead? That situation alone tells you or gives you an idea on how do you handle your own money.

Control your money, don’t let it have control over you. Sure, we need money to survive. We need it to buy our necessities, shelter and maybe have some little fun. But if you treat money as the basis on how you live your life, then you are in for the greatest mistake you have ever done. Don’t let material things have control over you. Use them accordingly, in a way that is beneficial to you and the people around you.

Nax Capital is revealing the light on how you should spend your money effectively. Money is a two-sided piece of paper. Use it well, you’ll be happy in the long run. Don’t use it well, you’ll be sleeping in the sacks in no time. No, money is not the root all evil. It is how you use it that determines if it is evil or not.


Nax Capital on Spend to Spent

Nax Capital is asking, “How do you take care of your money?” Are you the “money passer” that lets money comes in and let it all out instantly. Or are you the one who holds his money as long as he can? Or maybe you are the type of person that spends money that he doesn’t have?

Too many questions, isn’t it? Nax Capital will digest them one by one. First, the “Money Passer”. This is the “Now you see money, now you don’t” moment. Are you the kind of individual who is very excited about paydays and yearly bonuses and spend them right away the minute the money lands on your hands? Like Boom! It’s Gone! Sure, you have all the right to spend it because it is yours in the first place. Alright, what if one day on your way to the office you missed one step on the stairway. And there you go, tumbling down, destroying your tablet, scattering your things and facing the ground head first. Next, you are rushed to the hospital and luckily you survived the ordeal. Now came your hospital bill. What will you pay? Natha! How will you pay? No idea! How on earth are you going out of that situation? Hmmn… call for help?

Next question, are you the type of person that spends money you don’t have? In short, we call it “borrow”. Others call it debt. Say it aloud… “Debt!” Now say this… “Death!” Do they almost sound the same? The “I owe you” attitude is forgivable if done once, twice or thrice (that is if you pay). Beyond that, is a technical foul. Here is a common practice present if you are a member of a large group. Remember the printed shirts that they are trying to sell? And they say you could pay it later on if you can’t cash it now. Many fall for it and many have fallen for it. What if you still don’t have the money the next day, and then the following and then the next day after that following day? You could be haunted by them for the rest of your life. I also have another experience that goes like this. A girl approached me and asked if she could borrow some money. In exchange she is handing me her cellphone, as a form of collateral. We were students back then, so giving out a moderate sum of money can be a hard undertaking. And after that, I just saw her enter a beauty parlor and “beautified” herself. Surprised? Yes! Am I glad? No!

Last question, are you the one who holds your money for as long as you can? This means spending sparingly. The important things first and the rest is saved. No matter how small your earnings are, if you are spending it wisely, then you are better off than those individuals who are earning big and also spending big along the way. But this doesn’t mean that you are going to deprive yourself of the best things that this world can offer. Even the thriftiest person can also find time to party. Or have a trip to the movies. Or have a date with his girlfriend. Just don’t do it extravagantly and on a daily basis. Read the price tags. It “pays” to read them before paying. Set a budget. Set a goal. Set everything that needs to be set. At the end of the day, all of your hardships will pay you back.

The first steps to becoming a super-rich person always starts with the word “Spending”. Because you always have to start with something you already have. And the “In” should be greater than the “out”. It is not a matter of what, when or why you are going to spend. It is a matter of how. How are you going to spend the money that you’ve worked so hard for a very long time? Nax Capital has presented you the idea, now only you can answer that question.

Nax Capital on Social Investment

The “Meet and Greet” aspect of transforming yourself to becoming a successful individual is very much important. Your quest to greatness can be simplified by surrounding yourself with people who could help you achieve your goal. Nax Capital encourages everyone to be always listening, always accommodating and ready to speak his/her mind when the need arises. In short, friendly.

If you are a shy person who prefers to be locked inside the office doors then you need to review your career options. Because being the best in the business, need a lot of wits and a bit of glamour. And by the way, from now on Nax Capital wants you to treat everything as “Investments”. The clothes you wear, the food you eat, or even the car you are driving are now included on what we call “Beneficial For Your Business”.

Treat those social gatherings as “Investment Gatherings”. Mainly because, you know you are there for a purpose. I know someone who enjoys attending business events, be it small or big, because he knows he could get 1 or 2 clients up his sleeve. I also know someone who loves attending expos, because aside from the free food being tossed around, she could get as much business cards or brochures that will later on turn into clients.

Furthermore, socializing does not only give you clients it can also help you build your own business network. You could use that network in your day to day operations. For example, you could find someone who could provide services that you might need, such as printing, electrical, carpentry or someone who could refer somebody to you. The list goes on and on…

Just like Nax Capital always says, “We do not want you to live under a rock”. We want you to go out and explore all the possible options that you could find. Because Nax Capital believes, it is only when you go out that you’ll discover the best that you can be.

Nax Capital Says, Love Thy Clients

What is your dream client? How will they look like? How will you take good care of them? Will you treat them as a “client” or a “person”? How long can they stay at your side?

These are just few of the questions Nax Capital has been pointing out when it comes to gaining your clients. It has been noted at Nax Capital that gaining a client is hard but keeping them is a lot harder. Businesses are going head to head on trying to lure in as much clientele as they can. They do lots and lots of marketing activities, both online and offline consuming multitudes of man power, engulfing a lot of time and spending a fortune in doing so. That is how they do it and they intend to do it for a long period of time. Because they are perfectly aware that a client in their midst means money in their means.

Sadly, a client, just like anybody else, doesn’t like to be treated as a “thing” that throws out money. Everybody is worthy of respect. That is what most business nowadays is failing to understand. They throw in so much focus in gaining them, they already forgot on how to keep them.

Client Relationship emphasizes on how well you treat your clients. Do you deliver on time? Are you honest to them? Are you open? Are you willing to spend as much time as needed for you to take of them? Do you cherish that kind of relationship?

Listening to their needs and wants and addressing it properly is a must. The client needs you to do something for them, no more, no less. Failing to do so is like digging your own grave and making alibis is like pushing yourself down to that grave.

Anybody can be your client. She may look like an old haggard, but still it can be your client. So don’t prejudge. Mind you, with today’s trend, most billionaires nowadays prefer to wear a simple shirt and a couple of jeans.

For you to become a top player, Nax Capital is giving you a superb set of tools ready at your disposal. Nax Capital has gone a long way of gaining and convincing clients, now it’s your turn to make a mark of your own. Love your clients well and they will love you back.

Talk Your Way Into Success, The Nax Capital Way

Much has been said as far as getting rich is concern. Nax Capital has also its own unique ideas on how to become as such. One successful businessman once said that Talking is one of the most important traits of becoming successful in any kind of field. The “Art of Talking” has evolved exponentially and it was derived from varying experiences that could differ in each and every kind of situation. Nax Capital devised ways on how to talk your way into success. Here it goes…

  1. Taking Control of Your Attitude.

–          At times you will encounter irate people. They are those who would rather speak to a dog than go in front of you. Whatever the case maybe, having them is the last thing you’ve ever wanted. So, what to do then if you ever encountered one? You need to take control of the situation. Don’t meet the berserker with another version of your own. Tone down, relax and try to find out why on earth are they mad.

  1. Be Confident.

–          A little bit of confidence goes a long way. Even if you don’t know the answer to a given question. And if you do, ask someone else who does. Just make sure you come back to the one who said the question.

  1. Get As Much Info As You Can

–          It never hurts to be ready for your upcoming battle. Whether it is a client or a supplier, get the needed information to make your transaction flow seamlessly. In that way, fewer questions are asked. The fewer questions are asked, the fewer your problems will be.

  1. Laugh

–          A few good laughs help to lighten up any situation. It makes your client feel more at ease. It also helps to control the stress levels. So laugh whenever you can. Not too much though.

  1. Be Alive As You Can Be

–          Nobody wants to talk in front of a robot. So, don’t speak like one. Try to talk as normal as possible. It is easy to determine whether you’re saying a memorized script or not.

  1. Listen first, Then Attack

–          Let all the artillery salvos home in first, let them blaze for as long as they can. If all the smoke has gone out, then that is the time you attack. Let your client voice out his frustrations first and wait for him to relax. If all is calm, answer all his problems politely.


As everyone may have noticed, all Entrepreneurs are good in expressing themselves. They love to talk because that is how they make money. Nax Capital knows that every good transaction starts with a smart talk. That is how you talk your way into success.

Nax Capital